From Floundering to Flourishing
What Works NOW for Marketing a Local Business? You already know what’s NOT working to help you acquire new customers, and you probably know that learning to market your business more effectively is critical to your success. Without a solid plan you can use to attract and engage new customers every single week, and to keep your existing customers so happy they’d never consider going to your competitor instead, you’re headed for disaster. 
Non-Stop Customers
Just a few of the things you’ll learn in this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book include, how to...
•Profitably attract more quality customers
•Ethically exploit your customers maximum financial potential
•Convert your customers into Advocates who actively and enthusiastically refer you to others
•Keep your quality customers for life
•Understand and capitalize on the motives that compel people to make buying decisions
•Determine how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer and to retain your current customers
•Set you and your business apart from any and all competition
•And much more
Books in Print
Listen Up, Business Owners! If You Don’t Build and Market a 5-Star Reputation, Your Competitor Will Soon Have All Those New Customers You Could Have Had! Reality these days is that success in business is tougher than ever. Your prospective customers are researching YOU online before they take a look at your products, services, or even your prices. Your online reputation can make or break your profits. Providing excellent customer service is only the start. Now you’ve got to proactively build a 5-star reputation online, and then put it to work for you so YOU get those new customers, rather than watching them go to your competitor instead. Want to use your reputation to make this year the most profitable ever? 
Your Host
Funnel and Traffic Expert
Here is what you will learn on your free strategy call
  • Attract more leads
  • Close more sales
  • Become more profitable
  • ​Automate everything
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